Meet Cynthia Cramblett

Hola!  I’m Cynthia Cramblett, the person behind the postcards.  Seven years ago I left the comfort of D.C.’s political bubble and set my sails for new countries, experiences, and a more postcard-filled life! Since then, I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, 47 US states and created some major memories along the way! I aim to inspire you to go out into the world and collect your own memories!

I grew up in small-town in Ohio (800 people small) and have been in love with the world since reading my first copy of National Geographic! I temporarily tried to shake my wanderlust but constantly caught myself dreaming of being out in the world rather than sitting at my desk.

So, I made a change. I became a Tour Director and custom trip designer, then created Bachelorette Party Miami and Bachelorette Party Puerto Rico, and, now, I’m using my journalistic training to bring you into my wanderlust whilst also featuring women on my podcast titled Her Drive.

On every trip, I strive to learn and share not only the history and culture but get to know locals through their lens. I never say no to a healthy meal or an invitation to see someone’s home and am always on the hunt for a great photo op with my unicorn!

“Adventurous people tell adventurous stories!” 

My Favorite Things

Aside from travel, I am obsessed with unicorns, bright colors, eating all things octopus and pushing my limits both physically and creatively. I love this life and believe in living to the max – hence the nickname “Cyndiful”.

Ukulele, ice climbing, horse-back riding, avocado, free-diving, climbing and cooking truly inspire my spirit.

Yes, I have been accused of “over documenting” my life but I do it with the hope of inspiring you to go out and travel your town, your country, and your world!

Let’s Play

I’m an open book and want to share this world with you through social media, hangouts, and collaborations! And, while being a solo act is a lot of fun, I love being a part of other people’s passions!

Got a great idea?

Let me know! I’ll bring my unicorn!

woman biting dandelions