Cyndi’s FAQ

Welcome to the colorful world of Cyndiful. I live life to the fullest while collecting memories and postcards around the world!

You have questions and I have answers. Read on to see my most frequently asked questions!

Don’t see an answer to my question? Write a post on the Community Page or send me a message! I do my best to respond within 48 hours but be kind if I don’t get to you immediately – sometimes my job requires traveling to places with limited connection!

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How do I afford to travel so much?

There’s this thing called, work! Ever heard of it?   No, I don’t have a sugar daddy but I am accepting applications. 😉

Seriously, the majority of my income comes from working as a Tour Director, Trip Designer and Bachelorette Party planner in Puerto Rico and Miami. The rest of my travel is either self-funded or through generous Destination Management Companies, Tour Companies or Experiential Brands that host me in exchange for media creation.

Nothing in life is free and though it may look like all I do is gallivant the globe, there are hours of behind the scenes work that goes into researching a location in order to justly present it to my audience.

You too can obtain this lifestyle but it takes a sacrificing a consistent paycheck, time away from your love ones  but opens the world to you.

What is a Tour Director?

A Tour Director is typically one of the most compassionate, worldly and engaging individuals you’ll ever meet. The job description requires said TD to be a host, concierge, friend, part-time therapist, regional and local expert, magic maker and tour guide.

Who takes my photos?

No, I do NOT travel with a professional photographer even though that is the dream. Instead, I have learned to get crafty with capturing shots.

When circumstances allow I will ask a polite stranger or a travel companion to take a few pics of me. In order to capture my mind’s eye I politely show them where I would like the shot taken from (including angle) and ask them to hold down on the photo button get a burst of images of me in a variety of positions. This is the quickest and least annoying way to have someone else take your photo who may not understand the importance of getting a great shot.

When I don’t have someone to bug with shooting me, I resort to a handy Bluetooth shutter button, gorilla grip and tripod! If I don’t have either of those with me I’ve had to build “tripods” and use my camera’s timer.


Where do I live?

This is the most difficult question to answer because my suitcase and overweight backpack tend to be my home most often.

I spend an average of eight months per year traveling with the remaining four being divided between Miami Beach, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

Best way to rent your home to pay for your travels?

My favorite way to get over my mid-western guilt of paying for an expensive apartment that I never see was to rent out my apartment on AirBNB. Not only did it pay my rent but in some months, it saved me money to travel. If you own your home or apartment, this is a great option for you! There are even companies such as VIDA Stay that will manage everything from the bookings to the cleaning and key exchange. SIMPLE!

Do I make money from my suggestions?

The short answer is yes. However, I will only recommend a company, product, experience or app that I have used and LOVE! I want you to have the best experience possible when traveling and think it is only fair that I share what works for me!

Compensation comes in a variety of forms and I’m not killing it on affiliate links! However, it does help fund my travels and allows me to continue to produce useful content for you!  Not all of my mentioned products or experiences are compensating me but for those who do, I will also mention it.

What’s my favorite country?

This is totally an unfair question to ask a traveler, especially one as dynamic as me! So, I have to break this answer into categories!

  • Island: Iceland
  • Most Surprising (in a good way): Jordan
  • Food: Greece or Italy or Thailand or Mexico
  • Beach: Baby Beach, Arub
  • City: Washington, D.C.
  • Sunsets: Hawai’i
  • Cookie: Germany
  • Dancing: Cuba
  • Mountain: Grand Tetons, Wyoming, USA

How do I pack?

Honestly, this is one of my greatest flaws! I suck at packing! No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to pack lightly.

I am a peacock who loves self-expression through clothes, jewelry and shoes! I do my best to pack outfits that can be mixed and matched but I’m not the greatest.

What I do well with packing, is ensuring everything has its place. I use luggage bags for clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics to keep my luggage from turning into a “junk drawer” of chaos.