Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

front entrance to jack Daniels distillery

If you’ve been in an American bar, chances are you have seen or even tasted Jack Daniels Whiskey. It is a staple in any American watering hole, one of my personal favorites, when wine just doesn’t do the trick, and it is made in a region of the country where there are 0 bars permitted. That’s right! The entire country is dry.

However, a sip and purchase of this smokey nectar is possible if you do a tour of their fantastic distillery and buy a bottle which the company then gifts you with the liquid.

I loved the tour experience so much that I have taken it twice and would go back again if given the chance. What is so special about this place? I like to think it is a mix of the nostalgia I feel when I see the traditional sipping whiskey bottle, the setting of the distillery amongst beautiful Tennessee woodlands and the hospitality and humor of the guides.

The Tour

Outside of Jack Daniels distillery with sign that say Mellowing

The 90 minute tour is branding at it’s finest, from the introduction to the founder, Jasper (Jack) Newton Daniels, who learned whiskey making from a preacher and slave in 1864,  to the viewing of wood planks being burnt to create charcoal to mellow the whiskey to the end of the tour where you finally get to taste the varieties of whiskeys now made in Moore County.  This experience is one carefully curated to sell you on the brand and if you weren’t a whiskey drinker before, this tour will have you hooked to the No.7 Brand!

woman smling next to an antique fire truck

The expert guides at Jack Daniel’s walk you across the grounds while simultaneously walking you through the entire history of the Brand and their signature whiskey making process!

First you start next to the charcoal making pile, then move onto the granary and mellowing. It’s in the mellowing room that you’ll get a strong whiff of grains turning into whiskey. And, before stepping into the barrel room followed by the bottling room, you’ll have the chance to see how they take the traditional No. 7 and turn it into Gentlemen Jack and a few other varieties by filtering the whiskey through the charcoal an additional time.

bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey

Plan Your Visit

two barrels of Jack Daniels

Need lunch after your tour? Visit historic Lynchburg, Tennessee and nosh on some delicious BBQ sandwiches at Barrel House BBQ and, for a finer Antebellum affair, visit Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House.

Can’t make it to Tennesee? No worries, experience Jack Daniels Digitally by clicking here.