Travel Tips for Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Corn Islands are two island oasis, off of the Carribean coast of Nicaragua and, though they are a “challenge” to get to, they are worth the journey! If you are looking for an opportunity to slow down, unplug, read a book on the beach and swim in the warm blue waters, then this is these are the Islands for you. Read on (3 minutes) to see where I stayed, what activities I partook in and a few tips to ensure your coastal vacation is a success.

How to get to the Corn Islands?

First, you must fly from Managua via La Costena Airlines to Big Corn Island.
Then, take a taxi for $1 per person from the airport to the ferry terminal.
I paid approximately $7.00 (USD or about 230 Cordoba depending on the exchange rate) for a 30-minute ferry from Big Corn to Little Corn. Upon arrival, I hoped in a water taxi that took me to the islands most luxurious resort called Yemaya.

Tip: bring loads of cash to Little Corn Island.

There are no ATM’s and many of the vendors prefer cash.

Activities on Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island is known for a being a sleepy place that is best for relaxing on the beach or diving. I opted to spend most of my time in the water by snorkeling, paddleboarding and free diving. Fishing is available upon request as well – I recommend asking around to get the best rate.