New England is a foodie’s heaven! Fresh produce, seafood, dairy farms and artisans who use their heritage a combination of nature’s bounty to create some simple yet delicious dishes!

Scroll on for 2 minutes to see what yummies are my favorites!

Boston Cream Pie

boston cream pie

Boston cream pie is as iconic as the Boston Tea Party story, the American Revolution and the famous events that took place at the Parker House Hotel – where the tasty dessert was created in 1881.

This cream “pie” is made of french butter sponge cake, a velvety custard, rum syrup and chocolate fondant to top off the masterpiece.  Take a tasty break from The Freedom Tour and  enjoy this decadent delight.

Union Oyster House Seafood

Woman in Boston

Serving up local fare since 1826, Ye Olde Union Oyster House is one of the oldest restaurants in America and housed in one of the oldest buildings in Boston.

Locals, tourists and celebrities frequent this seafood spot for the variety of locally sourced oysters, lobsters, clams and scrod. Not only are their dishes delicious but this is also where the use of a toothpick became popularized in America.

I enjoyed the little neck clams (steamed) and scrod with a helping of broccoli and cornbread. What is scrod? My waiter informed me that it is a local, young haddock or cod that is filleted and delicately prepared with butter and light spices. A meaty whitefish that the early elites of New England enjoyed.

Apple Cider Doughnut

Visiting New England in the Fall? Then you must have a cider doughnut made and served at many of the cider mills throughout the region. They are often paired with apple cider, and covered with cinnamon mixed with granulated sugar

My favorite place for all things apple? Visit Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vermont.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Founded in garage in Burlington, Vermont in the 70’s and uniquely made with large chunks of yummies mixed in with the ice creamy goodness, Ben & Jerry’s is an iconic morsel to have while visiting the Green Mountain state.

Tour their fun facility, enjoy visiting the flavor graveyard and add a few scoops to a waffle cone from their scoops shop!

Sugar on Snow

sugar on snow

Nestled in the mountains above Vermont’s capitol city, Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks is a must visit for a taste of the variety of maple syrups, maple creamee’s (maple flavored ice cream, and the SUGAR ON SNOW experience.

You are given a cup of shaved ice, warm maple syrup, doughnuts, pickles and a fork. To eat, you first pour the syrup on the ice, allow it to sit for a few moments to harden then top the doughnut with the taffy-like maple. After eating a few you may need a break from the sugar, that’s when you eat the pickle and proceed back to enjoying more maple syrup on doughnuts.

Lobster Roll

lobster roll

Lobster rolls are the easier and quicker way of enjoying the buttery meat from the famouse North American crustacean. Typically they are cubes of lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise, lemon juice, celery, chives, salt and pepper. Then, placed inside a buttered and toasted bun.

A favorite place in New England for a lobster roll is The Lobster Shanty in infamous Salem, Massachusetts.

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

The Marh-Billings-Rockefeller Farm is a national park that preserves a turn of the century farm and jersey cow creamery. Each time I pass through Woodstock, Vermont I make a stop for the delicous Maple Walnut Buttercream ice cream.

While noshing, I suggest you explore the grounds and farm house.

Wild Blueberry Pie

A visit to Maine’s rocky shores or heavily sylvan interior wouldnt be complete with out two things: lobster and wild blueberty pie. Harvested from the highly acidic soild, these hevilty pollinated plants produce small, tart delicious berries that are perfect for baking!

My favorite place for wild maine blueberry pie? Helen’s! 

Von Trapp Beer

sugar on snow

Nestled in the mountains near Stowe, Vermonth is the famous Von Trapp Lodge and Beer Hall. Whether you stayin in the beautiful chalet on top of the mountain or out for a trek, a visit to the Beer Hall for some Austrian-style lagers and a pretzel is a great decision to tickle your tastebuds.

The Trapp’s (made famous by the Sound of Music) have called Vermont home for decades and have held onto their heritage via introducing the region to cross-country skiing, serving Austrian fare at their resturaunts and, since 2010, serving up a variety of lagers from ambers to stouts.

Fried Clams

Kennebunkport, Maine is a destination for boaters who crave cool summer evenings and a salty breeze. And, there is no place on the coast that serves up clams as well as The Clam Shack.

Nestled beside the kennpunk river bridge, the lines never end for this little shack that serves up battered and fried clams that pair perfectly with a little lemon and a local brew.