Top Tips for Staying Healthy During Travel

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Fitness and healthy eating have always been an important component of my lifestyle and when I left my 9-5 desk job, my fitness and health routine became quite unusual. As I started hoping timezones to lead tours, simultaneously cutting weight for an NPC Bikini competition, I created a variety of fitness habits and healthy [...]

Healthy Travel Snacks

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The Best Foods for Healthy Travel I spend more than 80 % of my year “on the road” working as a Tour Manager or exploring the world at my leisure. In order to maintain the stamina it requires to manager up to 55 people at a time and to maintain [...]

Eating London

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London's Memorable Meals Like, what the hell is blood pudding? Meat pie, huh? Prior to visiting London, I ignorantly assumed all British food would taste bland or be tiny finger sandwiches that wouldn’t satiate my American hunger.  So, imagine my surprise when I touched down in one of the poshest cities in the [...]

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