Fitness and healthy eating have always been an important component of my lifestyle and when I left my 9-5 desk job, my fitness and health routine became quite unusual. As I started hoping timezones to lead tours, simultaneously cutting weight for an NPC Bikini competition, I created a variety of fitness habits and healthy eating tricks that have helped me in countries across the globe. In February 2018 the wonderful Producers and Anchor at WJLA Good Morning Washington had me join the show to chat about my tips.

Below I have outlined my top tricks ranging from snacks and ordering out to workouts and sleep apps!

Cyndi Cramblett WJLA Interview Healthy Trips

My Go-To Snacks

These are my go-to snacks that can be placed in your carry-on and eaten at will no matter where your travels take you!

There are a variety of protein bars on the market and I tend to switch up my low carb, high protein regularly to combat boredom and also depending on the country I am traveling through. Lately, I have ordered these paleo bars from Amazon to slip into my carry on as a go-to snack or meal replacer. They average about 200 calories with 20 grams of protein.

These tuna pouches have kept me satiated for years now when traveling or not able to have a proper meal that fits my macros in the USA and throughout my travels abroad. They are great as a stand-alone snack or a protein addition to a garden salad from the airport. Warning: if you eat this around people in public they will stare and you may get some dirty looks due to the fishy fragrance.

Vegetables can be found at the airport, local groceries, and kiosks throughout the world. I typically pick up bags of pre-washed snap peas, cucumbers, carrots and cauliflower as a healthy alternative to other snacks.

Protein powder is my all-time, can live without it, snack. I use single-serving packets like this bone-broth protein for breakfast, a replacer for creamer and sugar in my coffee, and anytime I feel peckish when globe-hopping.

Ordering Out

I spend a lot of time looking at menus and most of the time modify my order to eliminate unnecessary calories and unhealthy addictions.

Keep your proteins sauce-free and ask for them to grilled or blackened, not breaded, to minimize calories but maintain flavor.

As someone who prefers to eat paleo and loves veggies, I always ask my server to replace any grain or potato included with my meal with extra veggies. This boosts my vitamin and nutrient intake while also limiting the unnecessary calories from carbohydrates.

Ever receive a salad that is soaked in the dressing? Same here. I don’t like it so I always ask to have the dressing on the side to moderate how much is placed on my lettuce or I will ask for oil, vinegar, and a lemon to make my own dressing.


These are the go-to simple supplements that I add into my routine everytime I travel to make sure I am receiving proper nutrients in the event that the country I am traveling to doesn’t have a lot of fresh vegetables in their diet.

Animal Pak is a great multi-vitamin used by athletes and bodybuilders for over 30 years but is perfect for anyone who needs a solid vitamin pack that includes all the micro-nutrients that may be missed when traveling.

Trace minerals are almost always overlooked and these drops come travel size!  I add a few drops per day to promote a better functioning regulatory and structural functions even when my body is stressed over travel.

Fitness & Health Apps

Fitness and travel do not have to be separate from one another! I use apps, self-designed running tours, ClassPass and many other types of resources to stay fit while even when on the road.

MyFitnessPal is a great app that you can use to track the food you consume by manually entering the information or scanning a barcode. But the fascinating part is they also have some popular restaurants’ macros already pre-loaded.

ClassPass has been such a blessing to me during travel the last for over a year now and is my go-to class and gym entry subscription in cities across the world. Pay one monthly fee and gain access to gyms and studios of all types in all major cities across the globe!

Whenever I am new to a city I always star the locations I am interested in seeing and will go on a running tour to each of the stared points on my maps. It’s a great way to familiarize myself with the location and get a workout at the same time!

I don’t always have time to find a gym, have access to one or do not feel comfortable going for a run which is when I use Workout Trainer by Skimble. This app allows you to filter the type of workout you like, duration, if you have any equipment, and level of intensity! It is perfect for hotel room workouts!

There are so many ways to see sights nowadays and I have started to opt for walking tours and bike tours verse a standard sitting on a bus type of tour. Click here to read about my favorite bike tour in Greece!

Fitness & Health Apps

Trip Planning & Operating

Do you need someone to take the hassle out of planning your getaway or Bachelorette Party? Connect with me to create your custom trip of a lifetime!

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