Already chilled by the chilly weather and dreaming of a winter warm up? Start planning your post-Christmas defrost with these 8 sunny destinations.

From the white sands of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to the sunny souks of Morocco, you have so many unique choices when planning your warm weather winter getaway! Read on to see which places I recommend you consider when planning your great escape!


camels Morocco

Situated across the Meditteranean from Spain, Morocco is a nation of regional treasures to entice any type of traveler. Explore the bustling cities, dingy lined fishing villages, or Berber filled mountains and deserts without concern of heatstroke.

Morocco’s souks are a shoppers paradise and it’s a delightful time to visit the capital city of Marrakech during the winter. Average daytime temps near 70 degrees and makes for a comfortable visit to this typically arid, steaming hot nation.

Miami Beach, USA

Miami Beach

Miami Beach for my Americans friends is a continentally located paradise and the perfect place for a quick escape from winter’s harsh chill. Besides white sand beaches and crystal clear water, Miami offers great dining, lively nightlife and is a short drive from the Florida Keys!

Another benefit? No passport needed for this tan!


cliffs Aruba

Known famously as “One Happy Island”, Aruba is a one “dushi” destination any time of the year! This tiny island sits 7 miles north of South America and is easily navigable in a rental car. Yes, Aruba has beautiful beaches but also a desert landscape complete with cacti and snakes!

The temperature is perfect during their high season which stretches from December to April.

The Bahamas

Bahamas in a bikini

The Bahamas are nearly the perfect temperature year-round and there are many white and pink sand beaches to plant your bottoms! If you love free diving, you’ll love the spearfishing sport available here!

I recommend taking a ferry from the main island to the Sandy Toes Beach on Rose Island to snorkel, spear or have a drink in paradise!


streets of Havana

After being closed off for holiday-going Americans for over 50 years, Cuba is finally available for the standard American tourist to visit! This paradise frozen in time sits less than 100 miles from the Florida Keys and is easily accessible by cruise ship or flight from the states.

Beaches, cigars, classic cars, cubanos, and mojitos just scratch the surface of this vibrant nation! See my links below for more details on what to do when visiting Cuba and which type of tour to schedule while there!

Playa Del Carmen Mexico

After living in Mexico for three months during the winter of 2015-2016, I have completely fallen in love with this country that is extremely diverse and, in my opinion, largely misunderstood by my fellow Americans. Where should you visit this winter? Throw a dart!

Seriously, Mexico City has warm winter days (think jacket weather) and cool, Fall-like nights and the beaches of both coasts are magnificent with soft sands. If you plan to get in the water, I suggest heading to the Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun or Holbox Island, or drive a bit south to the ruins and cenotes of Tulum!

Where do Poinsettias come from? You guessed it! Mexico!


Chaing Rai Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the most popular travel destinations in the world no matter the weather! With a humid, warm climate, it’s Southern Beaches are perfect for sunbathing, water sport and if you want a party make your way to Phuket.

For those with a curiosity for temples, elephants and lush bamboo forests, I suggest booking a few nights in the Golden Triangle region of Northern Thailand. I had the pleasure of staying three nights at the Four Seasons in Chaing Saen and fell in-love with the area and the magnificent elephants who bath in the muddy, long-boat filled rivers that border Thailand and Laos.

Let’s Go to Morocco

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