Have you been struggling to capture your epic travel moments? I did too, until I started using these three techniques to get the perfect photos both during my travels and at home!

Take two minutes to see the best techniques travelers are using!

Two Minute Read

1) The Old Fashion Way

Eiffel Tower

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I have to suggest it! Ask a stranger! I know it’s odd and sometimes more comfortable to try to struggle and take our own shot but the quickest way to get a quick snap is to politely ask someone near you to take a photo.

Not sure if they’ll capture the image you envision? Politely show them from what angle and height you’d like the photo taken. Then, offer to take theirs! It’s good travel photo karma!

2) The Solo Way

Bluetooth shutter button

This method is my go-t0 for snapping images while traveling, at the gym or when with my homies and we want the entire clan in a shot! All you need is a trip-pod with the correct extension to attach your phone, tablet or camera and a Bluetooth shutter button!

Line up the shot and snap away! Easy, right!?!

My Go-To Travel Tech

These are my go-to items for rocking out and capturing digital moments without the risk of a stranger capturing a lazy shot.

wynwood photoshoot

Travelshoot is a great service that can be found in most major cities around the globe! They connect photographers with travelers so you can be sure to capture special moments with girlfriends, proposals, solo moments in epic locations. They even shoot weddings for reasonable prices!

Want to enhance your photos? Checkout Snapseed!

Need a Bite Size Adventure?

Cyndi Cramblett Ice Climbing
Cyndi Cramblett Free Diving

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