I’m Obsessed With Free City Tours!

Ever heard of a free tour? I didn’t and I have worked in the tourism industry for over four years! So, imagine my surprise when I learned that a colleague was giving free tours in Washington, DC and going on free tours when abroad! What is this madness? What is the catch?

Well, after going on several free tours in countries throughout Europe, I can officially say free tours are awesome and you should definitely check one out! Nearly every major city has a company that offers them!

Why are they free?
The tours are free in order to allow access to all groups, probably some tax loophole for the company and to ensure that the guests receive a high-quality tour.

How long do they last?
The tour times vary but most average around 2.5 hours and are walking only.

What’s the catch?
The tour may be “free” to join but the guide doesn’t work for free. Gratuity should be given to the guides. I suggest $15-20 per hour, per person. So for a 2-hour tour for a couple, the guide would receive $60.00. The guide will also suggest other paid tours offered by the company.

Are free tours available all over the world?
Most major cities in countries around the world have free tour options.

Were can I book one?
Typically a general web search will provide you with many options in the city you are traveling to. From my experience, I recommend Sandeman’s, Free Walking Tours, Tours by Locals.

Companies I Recommend

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