Meet Moon Beam – My DIY Campervan

moon beam ram promaster city camper van

I have had the great pleasure of traveling to 47 of the 50 US states and have woken up in many magical places but have always dreamt of the magical views allotted to the folks who live #vanlife. You’ve probably seen a few images of scenic vistas silhouetted by the back door frame of a van that’s been built out to allow for the adventures to stay cozy in nature.

Yes, I have longed to be one of those people and am finally making my dream come true. To do so, I have purchased a 2016 Ram Promaster City that my boyfriend and I are converting ourselves. Neither of us have previous experience with such a project but with a well-drafted plan and the willingness to pivot, Moon Beam should be a magical adventurevan before the start of Summer.

Below you will see a series of vidoes that showcase where we are in the project.

Phase 1

This video covers the type of vehicle I purchased, the removal of a dividing wall and other plastics and what our build out plans are.

Phase 2

In phase two we install rattle trap sound proofing and floor insulation.

Phase 3

Things get serious during phase three when we cut two holes in Moon Beam to install a ceiling vent fan and shore power. Additionally, we add insulation to the ceiling.

Phase 4

The base frame of my DIY campervan comes together in Phase 4. Watch this video to see how angle iron and wood are used to create the bottom box that serves as the storage space and bed base.

Stay Tuned

We continue to work on the van almost daily and new videos will continue to be posted. Please return to this page or subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get real-time updates.