Traveling without leaving home definitely seems like an oxymoron but it is a skill I have had to hone during this time of COVID quarantine which forced me and practically everyone else to stay home for months. Over 90 days in once place may not seem like a long time but to this nomadic woman who has spent the last seven years  predominately away from home, it felt like an enternity without any stimulation from forgeign cultures.

Not one to be discoureged, I kept my mind and soul on the road with these six activities!

  1. Foreign Films & Documentaries

Anytime I feel a deep sense of wonderlust I tap in the next best thing to travel: a documentary or travel show to educate and inspire me. My go-to platforms for travel TV are: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Gaia.

These programs kept my wanderlust at bay and generated a deeper sense of gratitude for the over 40 countries I have been blessed to visit so far.

My favorite documentary viewed during COVID quarantine was For Sama.

2. Learn a New Language

Eventually, COVID quarantine will end and the world will begin traveling again. When that day comes, I hope to be advanced in a new language. My language of choice was Modern Standard Arabic - introduced via daily 30 minute lessons on Pimsleur.

Other language platforms are: Rosetta StoneBabbel or Duolingo.

3. Make a Foreign Dish

Food is one of the greatest components of travel and is the best storyteller of a region's heritage. Thankfully, I have a great interest in cooking, have taken cooking classes in many countries and enjoy making Americanized versions of my favorites.  Log onto Masterclass or search for inspiration on YouTube to create your own dishes.

5. Reminisce on Past Travels

Chances are you are a lover of travel and have many images, photos and mementos to sift through to reminisce by traveling through your past trips. While sifting, I used Magisto to create a few fun videos.

6. Listen to Foreign Music

Next to food, music is the best way to dive into a culture outside of perusing the nation itself. When feeling nostalgic for globe trotting. I put on Global X and many other genres on Spotify.

Put it all together!

Put it all together and have a themed party for you and your small group. Happy hour with themed drinks and music followed by dinner made to suite the dinner (taco night, thai tuesday) followed by a foreign film or documentary about the destination.